My decision to enter the race for District 6 did not come lightly. I love Bibb County and my community, but there have been times in which I have been very disappointed in the way the politics have operated. I finally decided I could sit back and complain, or I could try to be part of the solution. Ultimately, I chose to run for the good of the people.

Macon is entering an exciting new era with a new consolidated government. It is time for leadership with open minds and attitudes of pulling all the citizens of the county together. We must elect leaders who are ethical, transparent, competent, and committed to developing programs in the best interest of our communities. I see service as the responsibility of the citizens in a community, a necessity for the community to prosper and remain vibrant. Businesses, governments and people in the community must work together to create avenues to assure sustainability for all segments of the population.

I think of myself as a truthful, open, conscientious person with strong values and a strong work ethic. If elected, I pledge to work with local leaders, law enforcement personnel, businesses, and citizens. We must engage in healthy communication to compile ideas that will seize the opportunities afforded to Macon's unique location and vast potential. These ideas must materialize into:
  • Finding alternatives to raising taxes
    • Developing tourist attractions that will produce jobs and additional revenues
  • Reducing crime to ensure safer communities
    • Recruiting new business, thus creating jobs and reducing poverty
  • Promoting a user-friendly government
  • Support of local businesses

I will listen to my constituents to ensure that I address their needs. It is not about me, it is about the people I represent and those of the entire community. I am of the opinion that service to others can be one of the most gratifying aspects of life. Our communities are where we live, work, do business and raise our families. We must be steadfast and remain committed to ensure we sustain our City, county and communities for the future of our children and ultimately for the good of all the people.

I will close with a quote from Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".

I am asking the community to give me an opportunity to serve "for the good of the people".

Thank you.

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