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I am a Christian with strong values. I have been a wife for more than thirty-five years to Dr. Charles Roberts who teaches math at Mercer University. I am the mother of three sons, two daughters-in-law, an 'acquired' daughter, and six grandchildren.

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I have a bachelors' degree in math from Bluffton College of Ohio and an MBA in Accounting from Michigan State University. I am a licensed CPA and a licensed life insurance agent. I worked for the City of Macon for seven years, with my last position being that of Finance Director. I then worked as Finance Director for the City of Jacksonville, NC, for two and one-half years before retiring.

My vision is to see Macon/Bibb County government work cohesively to become a growing, vibrant hub of Central Georgia. While I have had no experience as a politician, I have had quite a bit of experience working with a diverse group of politicians. As Finance Director I worked with every department in the City and some in the County. I can read, understand, and analyze financial reports very well.

I am currently the secretary/treasurer of the Northlake Woods Community Assoc. and a social club. I teach Sunday School and sing in my church choir. I am also a member of the Health to You senior group known as H2U.

I have decided to run because I want to serve the community by providing honest representation. I am knowledgeable and experienced enough to make intelligent, informed decisions. I am energetic, disciplined and independent enough to work hard at understanding the issues and listening to the concerns and suggestions of the people. I have enough confidence to admit to those things I do not know, and I am humble enough to ask advice from those who are in the know. I have enough faith to believe God will give me the wisdom needed to fulfill my responsibilities well.

Adah was born the sixth of seven children to Reginald and Martha Jones in Dayton, Ohio. After graduating high school she attended Bluffton College where she earned a bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Accounting. She then went on to graduate school and received an MBA in Accounting from Michigan State University (MSU). It was during this time that she met her husband, Charles, who was in graduate school in Mathematics. Charles later went on to earn a Ph.D. in Math Education from MSU.

Charles and Adah married and had three sons. These sons have all finished college and have their homes in three different states. The family has added two daughters-in-law and six grandchildren. The Roberts also "adopted" a grown daughter, who came to the United States from Colombia when she was twenty-eight years old.

When the youngest son was entering college at Georgia Tech, the Roberts' moved from Michigan to the Macon, Georgia area was where Charles was born and raised. They have been residing in Lizella since September of 2000.

Adah has worked as an accountant beginning with Ford Motor Co. in Detroit, then with MSU administration and after that the State of Michigan, where she ascended to the position of Finance Director of the Department of Corrections. After they relocated to Georgia, she was employed by the City of Macon as the accountant for the Workforce Development Office. Less than one year later she became Interim Finance Director, then Assistant Finance Director, Interim Finance Director again, and finally Finance Director. She had completed seven years of employment with the City when she was recruited by the City of Jacksonville, North Carolina, where she served as Finance Director for two and one-half years before retiring. She now operates a private accounting office out of her home in Lizella.

Mrs. Roberts is a licensed CPA and life insurance agent through the State of Georgia. In her spare time she enjoys teaching Sunday School, working cryptogram puzzles, exercising and playing cards.

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